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Relax сектор
Prati - One Delfin

Ambient ~ Ethno ~ Folk
Дата выхода: 16.12.2013
Продолжительность: 00:20:55
Размер: 85.28 MB
001.Prati - Ringing Of Silence (4:12)
002.Prati - One Delfin (3:02)
003.Prati - Duo Pro Uno (5:05)
004.Prati - Dancing flames (4:23)
005.Prati - Dusty roads (4:13)

We traveled along the southern coast of the Crimea with two flutes, two vargan and kettle. In moments of repose and the nature of the hearing began to play. Without purpose, ideas and concepts. With us, the birds were singing, cicadas, sea and acoustic cave in Mangoup Calais.