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Relax сектор
Insane - Snuggling To The Ground, Watching The Sky

Дата выхода: 7.05.2014
Продолжительность: 00:56:53
Размер: 85.28 MB
001.What do you want, rain... (6:31)
002.On doomed silence (4:42)
003.Feel that Senses... (4:58)
004.Beside headwaters of the dead river (4:17)
005.Tension (3:29)
006.Higher than blue sky (3:05)
007.Lower than black ground (3:56)
008.Sail in the Vacuum (4:05)
009.Abandon Me (3:23)
010.He turned from that path (2:47)
011.Something is here (5:18)
012.Im a God (4:56)
013.Heavenly Duduk (Insane Enigmatic Mix) (5:26)

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